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The History Project

Study Programs in History

Post-Zionistic tendencies are trickling into, and gaining control over, both the religious and non-religious State-run educational system. The field of history and in particular the study of modern history, including Zionism, the Holocaust, and the establishment of the State has become the preferred target of anti-Zionist organizations in Israel. Pacifism, universalism, and post-Zionist attitudes receive expression in scholastic books written by them, and seep into the consciousness of the students through history classes.

In order to prevent this severe erosion, and to save the young generation of the State of Israel from brainwashing and falsifications, the Institute has initiated the production of a series of history books for religious and non-religious elementary and high school students.

The Institutes’ team has made initial headway in this matter, contacting both professionals who
specialize in researching anti-Zionist tendencies in scholastic books and top-line professional researchers and writers in Israel.

Two books have already been published and as for today- are the main History textbooks taught in religious schools in Israel:

  1. Tradition and Revolutions”– Tradition and modernity in the history of peoples and the history of Israel -for 10th grade students.
  2. “Destruction and Heroism”– Nazism and the Holocaust for 11th grade students.
  3. “The Return to Zion”– Aliya, Settlement, and Independence.

There is a great need for books on a high level, both from the aspect of its content and research, and also from its visual design, that will be suited to the most recent course of study for matriculation exams as outlined by the Ministry of Education.

The Institute is seeking a financial supporter for this colossal project