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Featured Book

Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen from Lublin

Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen from Lublin Series of books by Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen from Lublin, meriting the Jewish nation and the many students of his teachings with a new and handsome edition, complete with source indications and a detailed subject glossary.

Rabbi Tzadok HaCohen from Lublin
Orot Yisrael

“Orot Yisrael” and “L’mahalach Ha’Idiyot B’Yisrael”- Series of books clarifying the writings of Rabbi Kook, explanations to the books “Orot Yisrael” and “L’mahalach

Bina L’Itim

“Bina L’Itim” By Rabbi Ze’ev Sultanovich- an in-depth look at Jewish identity, history, and philosophy, two volumes covering the period from Creation till the Expulsion from Spain have been published.

Torah and Secular Wisdom

"The Five Kinds of Grain"

By Professor Zohar Amar. It deals with a variety of topics related to types of grain that were common in the ancient world in general, and in particular in the Land of Israel from a historical, halachic, and ideological perspective.

"Law and Providence"

By Professor Benjamin Fein– the book covers the topics essential to understanding the world, such as the relationship between spirit and matter, the relationship between the natural laws of Providence and openness to the world, and God’s intervention in mankind. This is a book about the legality of world development, human cognition and philosophy of science. All of these are examined from a Jewish faith perspective.

"Yesh M’eayin”

The Institute is a partner in the publication of additional books dealing with the relationship between Torah and science. One of the scientists that the Institute assists in publishing his books is Professor Benjamin Fein. Professor Fein is a world-known physicist.