Yeshivat Har Bracha

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Hesder Program

During The Hesder Program the students combine Torah study and service in the Israel Defense Force. This course lasts approximately five years.

Army Service

The mitzvah to serve in the army is extremely important to the Yeshiva students, and therefore the feeling of responsibility towards the strength, professionalism, and holiness of the camp is great. The Yeshiva students who participate in the Hesder program are known for their stature and proud steadfastness on issues concerning holiness, refusal of orders to expel Jews from their houses, insisting on keeping their tzizit out, proper separation of men and women in the army, etc. Together with this, the soldiers reveal firmness and professionalism in training exercises, and merit to become leaders in the mitzvah of serving in the army. Thus, their great influence on rectifying the framework of the army and bringing fellow Jews closer to the Torah is recognized in all areas that they serve.

In-depth Talmud Study

‘Great is the Talmud which leads to action’ (Tractate Kiddushin 40b), therefore, in the framework of in-depth Talmud learning, we start with the tractates that are connected to a Jew’s everyday life (Berachot, Shabbat, Chulin, Ketubot, Pesachim, Minachot, etc.). Topics are dealt with beginning from the Gemara and the Rishonim, and progress till present-day halakhic decision-makers. In the learning, emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of the ‘ta’amei mitzvot’ and the fundamentals of the halakha. Thus, the student covers all the fundamentals of the Torah, and acquires the tools necessary to live his life according to the Torah, in happiness and personal wholeness. The deep understanding and the fundamental clarification of the connection between the Torah and everyday life, enables a meaningful relationship to the Torah and mitzvoth.


In their years of learning in the Yeshiva, students cover a wide-range of topics in emunah, both through in-depth study of Tanach and learning books such as The Kuzari, Messilat Yisharim, the Maharal, and the great Hassidic sages. Additionally, the students delve deeply into the writings of Rabbi Kook זצ”ל. Amongst the unique emunah classes given in the Yeshiva are a weekly class in Jewish History/Philosophy, and an advanced course in the foundations of philosophy as an introduction to the over-all study of the Torah of Rabbi Kook.


The Tanach is the living basis and root of the Oral Torah. According to the commandment of learning the Torah in its entirety, the Yeshiva guides its students to learn all of the Tanach through in-depth classes. In this way, the students acquire a deep and broad understanding of all of the books of Tanach.