Yeshivat Har Bracha

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About the Yeshiva

The Vision

Yeshiva Har Bracha aspires to nurture Torah scholars, ‘poskei halachot’, who are thoroughly involved in the life of the public and the country, and will become the spiritual leaders of the nation. Furthermore, we strive to produce Torah-based and idealistic scientists and practical people, whose roots are deeply planted in the Beit Midrash and who personify in their daily lives the vision of ‘tikun olam’ through continued deep and creative development in Torah.

The Learning

At Yeshiva Har Bracha, the learning is conducted through faith in the power of the Torah to illuminate and repair the entire world. In the learning emphasis is placed on a healthy attitude towards life and reality, and the desire to influence and act for the sake of the nation and the country. Consequently, in addition to studies in Talmud there are regular classes in halachah and emunah, to clarify current topics with courage, originality, and responsibility.

In the Yeshiva there are two main programs of learning:

  • The Higher Yeshiva Program, where the students dedicate consecutive years of diligent Torah study, striving to become Torah scholars imbued with the fear of Heaven, and to continue the dissemination of Torah to Am Yisrael.
  • The Hesder Program, where students combine Torah study and service in the Israel Defense Force. This course lasts approximately five years.

In-depth Talmud Study

‘Great is the Talmud which leads to action’ (Tractate Kiddushin 40b), therefore, in the framework of in-depth Talmud learning, we start with the tractates that are connected to a Jew’s everyday life (Berachot, Shabbat, Chulin, Ketubot, Pesachim, Minachot, etc.). Topics are dealt with beginning from the Gemara and the Rishonim, and progress till present-day halachic decision-makers. In the learning, emphasis is placed on a deep understanding of the ‘ta’amei mitzvot’ and the fundamentals of the halachah. Thus, the student covers all the fundamentals of the Torah, and acquires the tools necessary to live his life according to the Torah, in happiness and personal wholeness. The deep understanding and the fundamental clarification of the connection between the Torah and everyday life, enables a meaningful relationship to the Torah and mitzvoth.



In their years of learning in the Yeshiva, students cover a wide-range of topics in emunah, both through in-depth study of Tanach and learning books such as The Kuzari, Messilat Yisharim, the Maharal, and the great Hassidic sages. Additionally, the students delve deeply into the writings of Rabbi Kook זצ”ל. Amongst the unique emunah classes given in the Yeshiva are a weekly class in Jewish History/Philosophy, and an advanced course in the foundations of philosophy as an introduction to the over-all study of the Torah of Rabbi Kook.


The Tanach is the living basis and root of the Oral Torah. According to the commandment of learning the Torah in its entirety, the Yeshiva guides its students to learn all of the Tanach through in-depth classes. In this way, the students acquire a deep and broad understanding of all of the books of Tanach.

Army Service

The mitzvah to serve in the army is extremely important to the Yeshiva students, and therefore the feeling of responsibility towards the strength, professionalism, and holiness of the camp is great. The Yeshiva students who participate in the Hesder program are known for their stature and proud steadfastness on issues concerning holiness, refusal of orders to expel Jews from their houses, insisting on keeping their tzizit out, proper separation of men and women in the army, etc. Together with this, the soldiers reveal firmness and professionalism in training exercises, and merit to become leaders in the mitzvah of serving in the army. Thus, their great influence on rectifying the framework of the army and bringing fellow Jews closer to the Torah is recognized in all areas that they serve.

Continuing Program Opportunities

The Yeshiva offers a number of continuing program opportunities in accordance with each student’s individual talents:

Rabbinical Kollel – designated for qualified students who see themselves suitable to serve as community rabbis, teachers, or educators in Yeshivot. These students continue their in-depth Torah studies for a number of years.

Shiluvim Program – allows single and married students who have graduated the Hesder program the opportunity

to obtain an academic degree at the University Center of Ariel while continuing their Torah studies in the Yeshiva. There are presently over 90 students- men and women, learning in this program.

Advanced Degree Program – designated for graduates of the Shiluvim program who continue for Masters and Doctorate degrees. The program advances students who excel in investigative research, with the understanding that delving into the natural sciences is not only a way to make a living, but also a tool for the deepening of the Torah, and the implementation of the Heavenly ideals in everyday life.

Teacher’s Institute – this program is run in conjunction with Michlelet Lifchitz, and provides a Bachelor degree in Education for students who desire to enter the field of teaching.


The Yeshiva has merited seeing its graduates successfully integrate into the fields of Torah, education, and national matters. In Yeshivot, schools, the building of the Land, fields of communication and various professions, our graduates sanctify God’s name, taking the lofty ideals of the Torah of the Land of Israel and implement them into everyday life. The light of the Yeshiva is widespread and illuminates amongst the graduates – in their families and lifestyles. An outstanding connection between the Yeshiva and its graduates is kept through visits, learning, happy occasions, and a mutual love for the Torah.

The graduates of the Yeshiva are instrumental in the development of the community Har Bracha. Many of the graduates of the Yeshiva decide to live and build their future here. Amongst them are Rabbi’s, teachers, engineers in various fields and public activists – all with a feeling of national responsibility and self-sacrifice to the community and society.

Har Bracha Institute of Publications

Alongside the Yeshiva operates the Har Bracha Institute of Publications which deals with research and publication of
books. More on the institute.

The Community of Har Bracha

The married students and Rabbi’s from the Yeshiva live in Har Bracha, thereby strengthening the community. The numerous graduates who choose to build their houses on Har Bracha, due to their lively connection to the Yeshiva and love of the community, are fulfilling the mitzvah of settling the land in its highest form. The residents of Har Bracha strengthen the Jewish presence in the heart of the land, adding security and power to the entire State of Israel. The establishment of the Yeshiva provided a significant development push and greatly accelerated the speed of absorption of new families and settlement. With their love of Torah and their idealism, the Yeshiva graduates add a special nuance of happiness and good-heartedness to everyday life and work. More on Har Bracha.